The amazing scope of acupuncture.

Acupuncture that is based on the classical theories of Chinese Medicine is a wonderful therapy in so many different situations. Just this week a patient who I had treated on ten occasions for long-term anxiety and depression came into my room smiling and happy. This system of medicine views health as dependent on the state of our Qi – translated as energy or life-force. To be healthy, our Qi must be of sufficient strength, be moving smoothly round us, and in balance between our different systems. Acupuncture needles influence the Qi, setting it on a self-healing path towards this goal. Most importantly, imbalances in our Qi affect us at all levels – mind, body and spirit – so Chinese medicine does not divide illnesses up into physical and mental categories. I don’t divide people up into separate diagnoses that need ‘fixing’ but work on and with the whole person. Improvement is not always fast, and not always complete, but I am constantly amazed at the power and safety of acupuncture treatment.

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