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Understanding the causes of our ill health

When we are unwell, most of us want to know why. Why me? Why now? Very often there are a number of factors that have come together to cause the health problem. Usually, these include both physical and emotional reasons. … Continue reading

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Digestion and rebellious Qi

Indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux – whatever you call it, this is a distressing and sometimes very painful condition. Maybe you get pain and discomfort after eating a meal, or you may wake in the night with a frightening pain in … Continue reading

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Boosting our immune system with Moxa

In the season of coughs and colds and nasty virus infections, we can use the herb moxa to keep us well. I say ‘we’ because I use moxa alongside acupuncture in the clinic, but also give it to my patients … Continue reading

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Can acupuncture help me to lose weight?

Here we are, after the feasting of Christmas and the sedentary life of wintertime, wanting to shed those extra pounds, to fit back into that favourite shirt and feel fitter and more energetic. Or maybe the weight has crept on … Continue reading

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