Recovering from Covid-19 – acupuncture can help restore your strength and balance

Are you one of the people who are finding it hard to recover from Covid-19 – maybe with many variable symptoms and extreme exhaustion? What a confusing infection! Some people barely know they have it, others become critically ill and now a different group of people are describing severe longer-term symptoms. While Covid-19 is new to us, I regularly use acupuncture to treat people with similar longer term illness, characterised by low physical and mental energy and a confusing jumble of symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats each person as an individual and focuses on rebuilding physical and emotional balance and strong and dependable energy.

Winifred Nicholson

Kate’s Flowers (1936) by Winifred Nicholson.

The Covid-19 virus is capable of infecting not only our lungs, but also many of our other body systems – such as our digestive system, muscles and joints, nerves etc. In terms of Chinese medicine this invasion gives rise to phlegm, damp, heat, or cold, all of which interfere with the normal circulation of energy, blood and body fluids. Without the normal circulation, the body systems cannot work smoothly and cannot stay in balance with one another. As an acupuncture practitioner I begin treatment by listening carefully to your own experience, asking questions about it and your previous health, and observing you and your pulse and tongue carefully. Then I can piece together how the virus has affected your body, mind and spirit and plan a course of treatment. By combining acupuncture treatment with self-help advice and repeated feedback and adjustment to the plan, we can influence and support the natural healing powers of your body. Not an instant cure – but a road to recovery.

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