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Loss of smell and taste- a Chinese medicine perspective

Losing the sense of smell and/or taste is much worse than it sounds. The two senses are connected and usually, but not always, both are affected together. Acupuncture can be helpful for both. Some people lose their sense of smell … Continue reading

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Can acupuncture help with incontinence and other urinary problems?

Problems with weeing are difficult to talk about! When passing water/urine is painful and frequent, it is usually called cystitis, but when it is too slow, too urgent, or just not fully under your control it is more difficult to … Continue reading

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Sports injuries – getting the Qi to flow freely

Injuries to our tendons, ligaments and joints are both painful and immensely frustrating. Suddenly the everyday and sporting activities that we take for granted become very difficult. These injuries can be sudden, or can come on slowly. Either way, the … Continue reading

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Five element acupuncture: how to feel better in yourself

Our journeys through life are rarely smooth – we lose our way or lose touch with who we are. We may become unsettled, dissatisfied or unhappy and sometimes we also develop bodily pain or other symptoms. In this situation, I … Continue reading

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