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Defend yourself against coronavirus, Covid-19 – help from Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine has a recorded history of over two thousand years of combating epidemics in China and beyond, with acupuncture playing a vital role alongside herbal medicine. Today in China it is used alongside Western medicine in most hospitals and … Continue reading

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Strengthening our lungs: self-help and acupuncture

Autumn – the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – is also the time when our lungs need our help the most. Maybe you have a tendency for colds to go onto your chest, or have asthma or other chronic … Continue reading

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Healthy eating: scientific evidence supports Chinese medicine recommendations

Chinese medicine advice on healthy eating, handed down over thousands of years, is now being supported by the latest scientific research. Take the research into the ‘microbiome’, for example. The term microbiome is used to describe the 100 trillion microbes … Continue reading

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Can acupuncture help with incontinence and other urinary problems?

Problems with weeing are difficult to talk about! When passing water/urine is painful and frequent, it is usually called cystitis, but when it is too slow, too urgent, or just not fully under your control it is more difficult to … Continue reading

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Can acupuncture help me to lose weight?

Here we are, after the feasting of Christmas and the sedentary life of wintertime, wanting to shed those extra pounds, to fit back into that favourite shirt and feel fitter and more energetic. Or maybe the weight has crept on … Continue reading

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